Sunday, February 19, 2006

Taste for Kutchi

Coincidentally, this article about Kutchi - a language sometimes mistaken for Gujarati - is written by a person with the last name Suraiya :

Regrettably, I'm losing my taste for Kutchi, the dialect spoken by people like me who come from Kutch. Though it's often confused with Gujarati, Kutchi is nothing at all like it, being more akin to Sindhi. However, as Kutchi doesn't have a script it borrows the Gujarati alphabet to write with.

It is a robust idiom, though with a limited vocabulary; you mightn't be able to discuss the nuances of neurosurgery in it, but it is sturdy and reliable enough to get you through everyday matters. I used to speak Kutchi with my mother.

After she died years ago, I have no one to speak it with on a regular basis. With the result that, slowly but inevitably, my Kutchi is being lost.

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